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Article Repository

Here at Garage Bluebird, we want to make sure that you are well informed on your classic Datsun. That’s why we have decided to compile a library of the commonly performed modifications as well as some of the basic information every owner should know. Please make sure you check out all the available articles.

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All of the articles include a downloadable PDF version to read offline or while you’re working in the shop.

Datsun Shop

Looking for the hard to find OEM part? Maybe you need your first Datsun (maybe your second)? We have both soft-goods and hard-goods ranging from custom t-shirts to full cars. Check out the store to see what we have in stock. If we do not have it, shoot us an email and we will try to source it for you.



Put In the Work

Here we are all about the garage mechanic. We support the guy spending countless hours stooped over, inside the engine bay turning a wrench. There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than when you crank the ignition and hear the growl of the engine. You went from a non-running shell, to a daily driver turning heads everywhere you went. Whether you’re just changing your oil, or upgrading to an electronic ignition, or even a full engine swap… we stand behind you and your project.


NWDE Forum Archive

For posterity sake, we have hosted the now disbanded Northwest Datsun Enthusiast forum. All pictures and posts have been preserved just as it was left. We felt that all that valuable info could not be lost. Please have a look around use the information present as it was intended. (Read More)